New Year’s Day, New York City, 2015

New York City, New Years Eve, 2014-2015

I spent the  last night of December, 2014  thrilled as I watched the televised, New Year’s Eve from  New York City  my birth place,  bring in 2015.  I never saw so much electric energy as this New Year’s  from New York. Milllions of people sprawled the Times Square area in the freezing temperatures,waiting from early that morning; the time was close as the anticipation grew.

Taylor Swift one of the perfomers,  sung and danced across the stage  A song belted out of her, her dedication to New York as she swung and swayed her body across the stage , the energy built; she tore off her jacket in the cold , and invited the audience to sing along. Millions of people in the crowds belowed out the song with her. Two marriage were made as the stunned and shocked women said yes, and kissed their fiancess. Frank Sinantra played in the background with his traditional,” New York, New York.”

The camera switched to Dallas, Tx. where I live and to the Vickory street Theater. Dale Hanson was talking to the moderator. One man was planning to propose to the woman he loved. A nervous hour passed while he waited for his time. Asked what his New Year’s resolution was, he replied to marry the woman of my dreams. He got on one knee holding the ring. The shocked woman kept saying, “Are you for real?” and then said yes; the couple kissed so hard they were thrown off balance leaning to the side, the moderator put her arm around them for support. The Dallas Cheerleaders performed with strength and synchronicity, their scultured- like bodies, with snug fitting outfits. I got up from my seated t.v. position  to jump around with excitement and joy, my bootie shaking. Fireworks lit up the sky,shooting rocket like waves of brilliant colors to the heavans as the Dallas audience, amounting to one million looked up with gaping mouths. Dallas had her hay day. The camera switched back to New York, then panned to Booklyn. Sir Elton John,sung to a packed audience with orchestra accompanying him. Memories of his being dubbed knight by Queen Elizabeth singing at Princess Grace’s funeral flooded me.

Back to Times Square: The brilliant colors of the ball lit up, yet the traditional dropping of the ball no longer shown; that tradition died several years ago .The confetti filled  the area with white dots , dropped from high buildings into the crowds .Couples kissed, sang and screamed “Happy New Year.” The joy from this night was infectious. Into the night 2:00 a.m., people from 52 states and overseas still at times Square had been outside in the cold since early morning finally, slowly, streamed out of the area as temperatures got lower and the rain fell.