BENZO BRAIN- A poem about my finding myself as I get off benzodiazapines

Benzo brain,
benzo brain.
It’s not the same brain
I had before.
It’s clearer thinking,
expressive, richer, filled
with love, feelings, compassion,
crying, laughing, raging,
moaning, groaning, funny.

The days of hell are there -still
Yet, the other days are bliss!

I never had a sane brain
since I came from a family
who were insane.
55 years doctors prescribed me drugs.
I never knew why or when.
Who was I, where was I?

Now I have an identity,
I’m a crazy/sane
evolving brain
who loves to rhyme
and in due time
I’ll be better and
better. I hope!

Today I can express
so much of my life
which I kept hidden.
Gradually learning to say
the things I want
in a brand new way.
Quite a feat
at my age,
yet a lot better
than to hide away.newyork14