Rocks me gently as the wheels turn across
I in my sleeper, feeling wave-like rolling of
the undulating wheels under me.
The gentle swaying of my cozy sleeper,
dream-like,safe, comforted by America’s
heartbeat , as she takes me into her inner

As I gaze out the window , the dark night
embraces me with Van Gogh’s stary,
night sky of white and crimson stars
twinkling their nightime smile.

The azure sky softly embraces me
as the trains low whistle
keeps me companion.
The rocking to and fro.

The comforting lull as piercing stars
keeps me companion
rocking to and fro
taking me across the land of America.
Our country Tis of thee,
oh great land of Liberty.
Peace, peace, Om Shanti!
I drift , I dream. I wonder at the awe
of our country’s majesty.
Bring me more of my homeland!


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